Hi, I am Shelly Parks, a Clinical Mental Health Counselor, Financial Services Advocate, and Education proponent.

About us

One of my good friends, Shelly Parks and I will be combining forces and we’ve added on to our service offerings.

Our scope of practice:

We identify personal characteristics, approval motivation, and the level of empathy that can determine the characteristics of aggressiveness's manifestation, the formation of various self-

regulation strategies, and preferences for strategies for cognitive regulation of emotions in both justice-involved and

non-justice-involved men and women.

We advocate for healing and trauma-informed care; however, this is not our only focus. We work on clinical assessments for

substance abuse and DUI screenings, offer cognitive skills training, DUI Education/Treatment, Domestic Violence

(Interpersonal Behavior Modification), Financial Counseling, and more.

Sentinel Retirement Services will be housed under the Sentinel Solutions for Life umbrella and will provide financial counseling, community outreach (Art for Seniors), Medicare enrollment/plan maintenance, under 65 insurance, assistance with Medicaid, ALTCS, retirement planning, estate planning, life insurance and more.

Our goal is to assist our clients to get back onto their feet, whether they are coming out of the justice system or needing solid advice on how to plan for their future. We also want to insure our senior clients have the type of care and services they need and deserve.

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